Golf players – healthy tips

Of course a regular exercise regime can help you out as you become fit for golf but even while playing golf on the course you should be aware of taking good care of your health.

Remember, you are worth the extra care! Take note of the following tips.

Before you even begin, it is best to warm up. Stretch before you start out on the course. These exercises will get your body all revved up for the game. Even before trying a full-speed swing, do some at half the speed first. Make sure that your body is ready for the momentum you intend to bring out once you start swinging at your peak!

The harsh sun can be a golfer’s prime enemy. Always wear sun block when you are going out on the course and accompany this with a sturdy cap or visor to protect your face. Your skin should be given proper protection.
Just as the doctor says when you catch a cold, drink lots of water. If you can, take at least a good gulp at each water fountain or drinking station that you pass. Sports or energy drinks are also healthy for you.

On the other hand, make sure you don’t take in too much alcohol. Alcohol (even if it’s a liquid) does quite the opposite to one’s body, it can dehydrate you! And even disorient you which will not help your round at all. 
Make sure that every time you lift that golf bag you use your legs and not just bend at your waist. This may strain your back. Instead, lift with your lower body as well!

Constant awareness is of key importance on the golf course. If a player doesn’t yell “Fore!” you should be able to take cover or dodge a ball for yourself as long as you are attentive to what’s going on around you.
It wouldn’t hurt to seek the advice of a golf professional for any golf injuries that you feel that you may be suffering from. These pros have most likely been through a myriad of different golf ailments and can refer you to the best specialists. Rest assured that they’ll give you trustworthy advice.

Steer clear of the course if you notice lightning anywhere around you. Those golf clubs are a definite risk if lightning strikes!

You may also opt for a straw hat which has a wide brim rather than just a golf visor. This will keep your neck safe from the sun’s rays as well! 

Using a double-strap golf bag can be of much help if you are walking along the course because it will evenly distribute the weight of the bag compared to a single strapped one.

Some simple advice would be to make sure that you are wearing shoes that feel comfortable and are the correct size. Shoes that don’t fit right will just cause pain and maybe even problems in the future.

Reminder, bring along the following:

1.    Golf sunglasses
2.    Double strap golf bag
3.    Sports drinks
4.    Golf hat
5.    Sun block