Golf Mindset Tips

There may be a number of golf tips out there but what should be given considerable attention as well is the mental game which exists in golf.

Any negativity that may be brewing in a player’s mind should be seen as an opportunity to become positive thoughts of self-fulfillment. You’d be surprised as to how helpful a few positive thoughts in your head can be to your game. Follow these mental game tips in order to make the most out of your golf game. 

The importance of positive thinking in golf

What may affect a number of golf players is how they tend to dwell on their ‘misses’. This isn’t helpful to your game at all if you need to pick yourself up right after a miss in order to get yourself mentally prepared and back in the game for your next putt. Dwelling on ‘misses’ not only puts your further shots in danger but it also affects the self-confidence one needs in order to nail those further putts. Very simply put, let go! It does take much physical preparation and mental concentration in order to have a good game but during the game itself there are times when you must simply let go and let things happen. When you torture yourself after a missed put, not only are you taking from the very confidence you need to keep going strong, but you are also going against your own productiveness. Remind yourself that consistent practice and performance does prepare you at best for games but still your body isn’t a computer which can be programmed to respond in the same exact way every single time. Give your body some leeway to be human.
Once you feel that you are losing focus or your temper is blazing, remind yourself that you are doing your best with the situation at hand, and then simply let go. 

In golf, as in many other sports or competitive activities, mentally bashing yourself is a hindrance one must get past. 

“You are what you eat” You may have probably heard this quote before, and it applies to what you think as well “You are what you think” so start thinking positive. If you start nurturing positive thoughts in your mind while you are on that golf course you’ll begin to notice for yourself that your game may be improving as your own image of yourself is as well. You already do have an opponent out there, so there’s no need for you to be an opponent to yourself. You are the number one person who should be on your side. Negativity is definitely a habit that should be altered. The goal here is to alter your internal dialogue to make it more productive for your golf game. 

If your old self would say something like “I hate my chip shots!” then your new self should say “I can do this!”
This positive change in internal dialogue should bring your golf game to new heights, with a smile on your face!