Golf driving tips

The most basic and fundamental tip is to try out as many drivers as you can and select the most suitable one for you, because if you are not confident with your driver you are bound to lack the confidence needed to make a perfect shot. Golf driving tip will focus on the solutions to solving all your problems with driving the golf ball.

After selecting yourself a suitable and proper driver you should follow a setup rule routing before you swing to achieve a straight and long shot. Golf driving tips gives immense importance to tee height; the tee should be adjusted appropriate to the top line of the driver. To avoid the chance of topping the ball you should adjust the tee accordingly.

During the initial part of your setup try setting the ball on the inner side of your left leg, as you will hit the ball on an upward swing direction. You should point your left shoulder a bit higher than the right shoulder as you want to swing the ball in an upward direction and also ensure that you are putting 60% of your body weight on your right foot. You should have your feet apart in proportion to your shoulders ensuring adequate balance and control.

Golf driving tips also teaches you the proper way to swing, as you should make it a point to take the club away from the ball on every thin trail while using a driver. This helps you in having a full rotation of your shoulders while maximizing the distance of the tee.

Golf driving tips insists golfers to keep your wrists straight, even during playing a chip shot. If you can try putting an pencil through your watch extending through till your palm so you can get used to keeping your wrist straight al all times.

Keep a video recording of your driving and compare your progress as to your previous play and after implementing our golf driving tips. Be your own judge and try and improve on your faults one by one according to our tips you will be amazed with the results.

You can not become a genius overnight; you will have to put hard work, time and commitment in addition to our golf driving tip to achieve your aims. It is well said that “Practice makes man perfect” which indeed means the more you practice the more you improve, commitment too is a must as to achieving your goal, make it your routine to have time for the game no matter how busy you are, this is true commitment.